Veronica, Italy

Hi what’s your name?

Hi my name is Veronica.

Veronica, where are you from?

I am from Ragusa, Italy.

How come you are part of this platform that is called Skillability?

Yes I tried, I did a course in cooking and so from there they have they did, let’s say they put in this platform, this kind of platform

What is your talent, what is the skill that you go proud of?

So my talent really so much I like cooking, baking prepare things, plus I also like sewing,

because I also did the stylist course let’s say haute couture, so I made more clothes. And then all this.

Why do you think other people should join this platform?

Maybe can also serve to unite with other guys, they always start today, maybe to connect and learn more about one’s talents each one of us, so you could open something important, recognising one’s talents, that’s what it is”.

Veronica, thank you very much!