Giving new life to old furniture

My name is Vasco, I am 19 years old, and I live in Aveiro, Portugal. I’m always trying to stay active and enjoy giving a new life to old furniture with my friends.

It all started during the COVID pandemic. Since we had to stay home, I started to sand wood to fight the boredom and ended up taking a liking to it. I enjoyed doing it so much that my mom bought me an electrical sanding machine and we both started to refinish some old furniture. After some time, my parents, my brother and I opened Banqueta Azul, a furniture repair atelier, where I can do what I like the most with friends who share this passion.

If you have some old furniture that you think deserves a new life, feel free to contact me. You can check my profile on the Skilltalent platform to know my contact details and see some of my work!