Monika Vasiljevaite, Lituania

An opportunity for more people to learn about my talent

Member type: creator

What is your name?

My name is Monika.

Where are you from?

Šiauliai, Lithuania.

How did you hear about the “Skillability” project?

Social worker Tomas told me about it.

What talents do you think you have?

Cooking, weaving and knitting.

Which tallent are you most proud of?


What are you currently knitting?


What do you knit in general?

Scarves, baby boots, socks and wristlets.

I understand this is a recent skill that you have acquired?


I think it is a real talent because you have learned so much in a short time. Do you think you would recommend this project to others and why?

Yes, of course. To keep other people interested. And to let others know about their work.

Thank you, Monika.