Galya Milanova, Bulgaria

I am so passionate about beauty

Member type: creator

What’s your name?
I am Galya.

Where are you from?
From Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria.

Why and how did you get Skillability platform? So which is your challenge?
I saw a Facebook post aimed at people with disabilities who have talent and want to show it off. Immediately wrote a comment under the post and was contacted by a lady who became my mentor afterwards. With her support, I registered, uploaded photos of the tapestries that I liked very much, sent friend requests to people whose profiles I was interested in. I was impressed by the wonderful product descriptions on the Platform. Then I gathered courage and decided that I could try to sell my tapestries. I went through courses that my mentor and I determined I needed to complete and I can confirm that I feel more confident and successful.

Which is your talent? What is your skill that you are proud of?
The love of tapestries was inherited from my mother. My childhood memories related to her are how in the evening, sitting in the armchair, with a lamp behind her and, slightly bent, she embroiders. In my teenage years, I began to sew tapestries – at first small in size and with a limited color palette. Then bigger and with more colors. When I started studying at university and then started working, I forgot these activities. I just didn’t have enough time. Now, after several serious life shocks, I had to return to my native house and look for a new job. To escape from the boring everyday life, I started sewing tapestries again.

Why should everybody have to join the platform?
Because it really works – it’s free, you’re always supported by a mentor, the courses are in an accessible language. Try it and you’ll see!