Elisa Pagano & Luca Bongiovanni, Italy

This interview was made with special support and guide from Luca Bongiovanni – also mentor from Italy

Member type: mentor

Good morning, I am Luca Bongiovanni, a mentor on the Skillability platform and I would like to introduce you to my colleague, what is your name?

Hello everyone, my name is Elisa Pagano

Elisa, where are you from?

I am from Catania, so I come from Italy and especially Sicily

Tell us a little bit about the Skillability project, how did you get to know the project but most importantly, what do you think about it?

I learnt about this project Skillability and the platform it refers to during a collaboration that my training institution did with New Service. It is an international project and I think it is very nice and very stimulating. This platform, Skillability precisely, gives users with different disabilities the opportunity to show what their interests are, their content, also to be able to market tomorrow.

Would you suggest other guys to mentor the platform?

Yes, I am a mentor, as is Luca who is introducing me, and I would suggest other people to do it because it is very inspiring to be able to help the creators, so Skillability members, to put all their content and interests on the platform.