Remote Services (provision of) – Intermediate Level

Developed by: Centre for Social Innovations, LT

Welcome to the intermediate module on Remote Services (provision of).

In this module you will master your communication skills, you will learn how to apply active listening during the conversation, you will develop your time management skills. This module also includes an excercise for you and suggest you to make your own bullet.

1st lesson

In this lesson you will learn someessential tips which will help you master the art of communication.

2nd lesson

In this lesson you will find out what active listening is and how to use it during the remote conversation with a client.

3rd lesson

In this lesson, we will cover some of the most important aspects of time management which will help you plan your work day.

4th lesson

This is the practical excercise for you: let‘s create your own bullet journal!

Remote Services – Intermediate Level