Carolina Almeida, Portugal

Some very talented people need to push a little harder to succeed!

Member type: mentor

What’s your name?

My name is Carolina Almeida.

Where are you from?

I’m from Portugal.

Why and how did you get Skillability platform? Why do you think is important?

I work at DDL, a company based in Leiria, which is one of the partner members of the Erasmus+ Skillability project. The Skilltalent platform is a safe place where everyone can share their work. It also offers a variety of interesting resources for every person that wants to learn how to promote their services and creations. These resources are simple and accessible. Furthermore, any potential buyers can get to know the wide and exciting collection of products and services from people who usually need to push a little harder to succeed!

Why do you suggest other mentors to join the platform?I think that mentors should sign up and help the creators take full advantage of their talents. Join us and bring new creators to the platform.