Knitting breaks stereotypes in society

By Skilltalent Admin | 16 May 2023

I am Aivaras. I was born and raised in Šiauliai, Lithuania. I started knitting as a child. I am very happy that I have this tangible talent. Knitting is like a meditation for me, it is so satisfying to watch the braids lying next to each other. Knitting makes me feel that I am a…

Giving new life to old furniture

By Skilltalent Admin | 6 March 2023

My name is Vasco, I am 19 years old, and I live in Aveiro, Portugal. I’m always trying to stay active and enjoy giving a new life to old furniture with my friends. It all started during the COVID pandemic. Since we had to stay home, I started to sand wood to fight the boredom…

Fascinating World of Knitted Toys

By Skilltalent Admin | 18 January 2023

My name is Stoika and I live in Topolovgrad, Bulgaria. I have a disease affecting my muscles. Falling into the category of people with disabilities and limited opportunities, I realized that I have unlimited opportunities to devote my time to needlework. I tried embroidery, patchwork and applique, but I became fascinated by the world of…

I love the mountain and silk

By Skilltalent Admin | 5 January 2023

I am Stela. I was born in 1981 in a small and very beautiful town – Tryavna. Fate decided that I should not know the world of sounds, because I was born with earless. That’s why I look for beauty in nature. I love the mountain. It fills me with purity and energy. My other…

Knife-making is my hobby

By Skilltalent Admin | 9 November 2022

My name is Jivko and I am 58. In the last 3-4 years I discovered that I love working with metals. I started fixing the broken handles of our kitchen knives, sharpening the blades… And, step by step, handcrafting knives became my hobby. I began buying tools and materials and managed to set up a…

Newsletter #1

By Skilltalent Admin | 6 January 2022

“Sometimes you can do more than you think and you have many hidden talents.” Are you curious about more?

Skillability progress

By Skilltalent Admin | 1 November 2021

As we clocked 1 year since we began work on the Skillability initiative, we are approaching new major milestones. Over the last months, one of our teams was working hard on designing and drafting a methodology that would allow us to have a consistent approach when we talk to our talented women and men, and…

Skillability is the new name for disability

By Skilltalent Admin | 23 January 2021

We are launching a 3-year project dedicated to social inclusion and employability for people with disability in Bulgaria, Netherlands, Slovenia, Denmark, Portugal, Italy and Lithuania. And this time the approach is different. Do read on to find out – and get in touch if interested for yourself or for someone you know. Unemployment levels of…