Skillability progress

As we clocked 1 year since we began work on the Skillability initiative, we are approaching new major milestones. Over the last months, one of our teams was working hard on designing and drafting a methodology that would allow us to have a consistent approach when we talk to our talented women and men, and to be able to better understand their needs.

The ultimate objective is to identify and understand well the skills and talents of these people, and then match them with support services and relevant training so that they can feel comfortable in joining the global online marketplace.

The methodology of work – our how we approach this task – is now in its final consultation stage and we expect to have the final discussion on it, and have it approved, in early December, when we will be meeting in person in Velenje, Slovenia. This meeting, combined with internal training, will host the future mentors – staff from our organisations that will be contacting and supporting the people with disabilities who want to give expression to their skills and talents.

Alongside this important work, we are intensively developing the first batch of online training courses to provide the potentially missing skills needed for today’s global online marketplace. All courses are filmed in English and then adapted versions of them are recorded in each of the partner languages.

At the same time, we are developing the community section of the website where presentations and contacts will take place between the Creators and the platform Members. We are designing a safe environment that will help the Creators present their portfolios, interact with those Members who are interested in the things they can make or do, and facilitate transactions of mutual interest.

As the meeting in Velenje is the first one since the start of the project, the partners will use this opportunity to revisit the project progress and review once again the impact that the Covid pandemic has – and will continue to have – on our initiative.