Aivaras Mosteika, Luthuania

Kniting has not been forgotten

Member type: creator

What is your name?

My name is Aivaras.

Where are you from?

I am from Lithuania, Šiauliai.

How did you learn about the ,,Skillability” project?

I found out about the project on the internet. After some time, I visited the social workshop project, that I attend, tried to make a piece and realized that I like making and realized that I will start attending the “Skillability” project. Moreover, social worker told me more about the project.

What kind of talents do you have? What skill are you most proud of?

I have a wide profile of talents: handicrafts, I can work as a painter, I can do carpentry and finishing. I am most proud that I know how to knit socks, I can also knit scarves and sweaters.

When did you learn how to knit?

A long time ago, in my childhood. And to this day, this talent has not been forgotten.

Why do you think others should join this project?

I would recommend taking part in the project, because if you are a talented person, this project can show it; and in this way you are not left alone. You can show your various talents here, let’s say how to knit socks or draw, braid ropes, embroider. And you will see for yourself that you have talent. I would definitely recommend it.