Gery Petrova, Bulgaria

I don’t want just to cook – I want to create!

Member type: creator

What’s your name?

My name is Geri Petrova.

Where are you from?

I live in Sofia and I am 45 years old.

Why and how did you get Skillability platform? So which is your challenge?

4 years ago, during a routine medical examination, I was diagnosed with cancer. I don’t remember much about the next month, I was scared, confused, angry, speechless, screaming… With the help of my family and colleagues, I pulled myself together and started planning the steps of my treatment. At the same time, I needed my hands and mind constantly occupied. I tried to find new activities to neglect bad thoughts. Last year my friend told me about Skillability project. It was easy to connect with Andy and even easier to shoose him for my mentor on this adventure.

Which is your talent? What is your skill that you are proud of?

That’s how I started cooking – sweet, salty, festive dishes, I was inspired by popular chefs, I looked at recipes on the Internet.

Now I feel confident and self-confident that I can satisfy the culinary tastes of family and friends. The next step I’m aiming for, and for which the Skillability courses have been extremely helpful, is to create and manage a cooking YouTube channel. In it, I will present simple but effective recipes, tips and tricks for novice cooks, as well as the inspiring stories of people with disabilities.

Why should everybody have to join the platform?

The Marketplace platform, the online courses, the mentors – all this is a great fortune! For those who still wondering – do it – sign up – and you won’t regret it!