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We launched the Skillability Marketplace, a safe and supported webspace for people challenged with a disability who want to share their skills and talents with everyone - and get a fair reward for it!



Every once in a while we select a handful of posts from our blog which tell the story of a different Skilltalent member. Stories that are special. Stories that inspire.

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Knife-making is my hobby

09 November 2022

My name is Jivko and I am 58. In the last 3-4 years I discovered that I love working with metals. I started fixing the broken handles of our kitchen knives, sharpening the blades… And, step by step, handcrafting knives became my hobby. I began buying tools and materials and managed to set up a…

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Pancho Rodriguez

Salamanca, Spain

I found some really creative stuff here, browsing the profiles was fun!

Andy Stoycheff

Sofia, Bulgaria

A safe space for people with a special talent - and the place to meet if you want to show your support!


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